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What we do

Businesses can only operate in a competitive market place by recruiting, developing and retaining talented individuals. Employing the very best people allows organisations to grow and prosper and offer customers continuity of service and a memorable, outstanding experience. To achieve this, The Compass team:

  • What we doDesign, develop and maintain on-line, client branded HR systems; essentially creating a virtual HR manager for every business at the click of a mouse.
  • Handle a range of one off assignments up to complete outsourced projects.
  • Offer peace of mind with in-house Human Resource support (investigations, disciplinary, grievance, appeal, redundancy...)
  • Provide dedicated 24/7 legal advice and practical guidance for businesses right across the UK (employment, consumer, health and safety, taxation...)
  • Support clients with all correspondence and representation relating to Employment Tribunal claims, Tribunal representation, as well as providing bespoke, in-house dispute resolution.
  • Deliver high quality management and legal training courses which are delivered by qualified management specialists and Solicitors.
  • Design and facilitate assessment and development centres for all job titles, right up to senior director level.
  • Lean Six Sigma training by Capella Associates